I have more questions

I can't speak Lao: is that a problem?

No, it's not. The Lao teachers are responsible for the classes. You'll help the students with their pronunciation, homework and inventing teaching materials and extra-curricular activities.

How many volunteers are there usually?

We will try to keep the groups small: there shall not be more than 8 volunteers present at any time.

If I like to extend my stay, would that be possible?

Sure! You can extend your stay at E4E for as long as you want! Take care not to overstay your tourist visa to Lao PDR, since this is costly. Tourist visas to Lao PDR can be extended two times, but after that you have to leave the country.

If I get homesick, can I leave the project?

Of course! But we truly hope you like working with us - and forget about being homesick.

Do I need to bring special clothes for school?

Because there are monks and novices present in class, both men and women need to cover their shoulders, knees and chest. Please bring shirts with short & long sleeves, long pair of trousers and skirts which cover your knees. We recommend to wear this in your free time also, since Lao people notice very clearly what their guests wear, and how they behave. It's just easier for you this way...

What are the weekly hours?

The hours are Mondays - Fridays about 20 hours a week

Do I also have to be in school on the weekend?

There are no classes on the weekends, but you are free to come up with activities during the weekend as well. For instance: a cooking class, sports matches etc.

What's Luang Prabang like?

Luang Prabang is a beautiful town along the Mekong river. It has enough interesting places to visit and has many bars, restaurants and coffeeshops. Both Western food and Lao food is available. You can purchase Lao handicrafts on the Nightmarket or in one of the many antique shops. If you feel tired, indulge yourself with a foot, head or whole body massage on your wanders through town. Its people are friendly and it's easy to find your way around.

Teacher at E4E: Ms Neng.